Veteran and Public Servant Owned

When the traditional hearse just isn't enough.
How we live, is how we should be remembered.

Albuquerque, NM

Proudly Serving All Families

ChoppHearse, a motorcycle hearse company, was created to offer all motorcycle enthusiasts a safe, dignified farewell tribute. It was not only created by a biker, for a biker, but by a funeral service professional. We understand the importance of serving families that are experiencing the loss of a loved one, and providing a motorcycle enthusiast, or that free spirited person with their "Last Run" is another way of helping celebrate a life. We take pride in honoring our veterans and public servants who ride.

ChoppHearse was founded in New Mexico. ChoppHearse is the only side car motorcycle hearse in New Mexico and is the ONLY "CHOPPER" motorcycle sidecar hearse company in the United States. ChoppHearse is also available to carry cremated remains on the day of an inurnment or available for anniversary runs. Please contact us for more information.

ChoppHearse is a proud member of the NMMRO


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