Veteran and Public Servant Owned

When the traditional hearse just isn't enough.
How we live, is how we should be remembered.

Albuquerque, NM

Proudly Serving All Families

Interested in becoming a ChoppHearse® provider? Do you want to offer a service that your competitor can't? Be the first to commit in your area?

orangebikeChoppHearse®, The Last Run, is a patented, copyrighted and trademarked company. By joining the ChoppHearse family we give you the ability to serve those in the biker community, Veterans, Public Servants or anyone with a free spirit, with a "Last Run." We have the ability to carry cremated remains; we have our own apparel line, biker patches, urns and keepsakes. So if you are tired of purchasing that "traditional" hearse, be the first to service and cater to such a niche and growing market. Here is what you get with a licensing agreement of a ChoppHearse® business:

  • A complete "turnkey" ChoppHearse® included, colors may vary, warranties and catalog for parts and upgrades included.
  • A new custom-built and patented ChoppHearse® Side Car and the ChoppHearse® Urn Carrier.
  • 5 ChoppHearse® gas tank urns for your selection rooms or display cases, including a binder with customizing options.
  • 10 ChoppHearse® Handlebar Keepsakes, including binder with customizing options.
  • 50 assorted apparel items, including T-Shirts (men's and women's styles available), tank tops, beanies, hats, biker patches, hoodies (limited to 5) and underwear
  • 25% discount on all future apparel, urns and keepsake orders for resale.
  • The support of our Facebook Page and our Website, including location information and event promotions.

For more information in becoming a ChoppHearse® Provider in your area, please contact us by clicking here or via:

New Mexico (505) 288-0755,
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[email protected]

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